How to make money with Satoshi coin btcs

Satoshi is a smaller denomination of Bitcoin but a gritty measure of bitcoins that grants you convenience to make payment for different goods and services.

Bitcoin has increased in value exponentially so denominationns as such are needed for smaller transactions. It is designed to ensure fair distribution of coin among participants globally.



Mining is the computation work that sets of nodes in a network undertake in hopes of earning new token. it involves using hash car to produce valid blocks that are mined every 10 minutes. block are produced by performing a certain number of hashes.This method allows verification of legitimacy of BTC transactions.


When you mine, you earn cryptocurrency without putting money for it. You receive BTC as a reward for completing block of verified transaction and avoid the risks of copying, counterfeiting or double spending the same coin more than once.

For each time a miner uses CPU or GPU mining,he is rewarded with 50 btcs.


Inflation is kept down by making sure there is constant supply of Bitcoin in circulation each time we mine.



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