How to start Trading in Forex

You are sold the dream of working from home and becoming millionaires. But we didn't know the time, skill, effort and trading capital it takes to actually become successful at trading. You learn bitterly that the markets can be cold and ruthless. The financial markets, in particular online forex trading, do not favour the ignorant.

I would put more emphasis on getting trained if you could start your forex trading journey. Look for a credible institution such as a bank that actually deals in online forex trading in their treasury department and have one of their top traders guide and coach me you the skill instead of a self-taught journey.

Focus on forex trading education before you can qualify yourself as an online retail forex trader. Retail forex trading is capital intensive if one is to pursue it as a sole business.

Compounding is a powerful tool to save money. Taking partial profits and re-investing them in my trading account has been a great avenue to save. This has grown my equity and enabled me to trade with a bigger capital size

I see many of us posting stuff like "Buy EURUSD.." so what's that. If you want to have any kind of influence on the public you need to accept accountability. So stop being vague,...give us your entries and exits....don't just say by etc then a week later you'll be telling us how you made a correct prediction yet you were not even on that trade...otherwise you might as well post your analysis. It will be more useful to someone than those buy sell yada're confusing many people take trades on those buy and sell noises that have no direction and end up losing. Knowing where the market is going doesn't make you a trader. You can know EU is bullish and you will still buy and lose yet you were right on your prediction. Taking a trade and making money from it is a different skill from finding the direction of the market in the C.

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