I heard about the Flat Earth

Do you hear about Flat Earth?


     Flat Earth is the "Extra" opposite of the mainstream beliefs of our world that we live on a spinning spherical planet, and the Sun is at the center of everything. It is called Heliocentric Model.

The Heliocentric Model


     The alternative to this model was the Geocentric Model, which is the spherical Earth is in the center, and everything revolves around us.

The Geocentric Model

     But what if both of the models are false? Or, in the worse case, is it just a made-up story that was only just introduced to humanity not that long ago to stray us away from our actual world? Please bear with me. Let me tell you my story of my Flat Earth Awakening.



I'm Senrefilo, and this is my Story


     My story starts in Kuwait back in early 2014. I'm just a regular middle-class guy with no high education and just a guy from a third-world country who doesn't have a choice but to work abroad so I can survive life.

     I was only working for about three months there as an overseas worker. I work nightshift for a private company. Though I have already lived there for months, I'm still suffering from homesickness and missing my family and friends back from my country. I can't help myself from being so dramatic most of the time, considering this is my first time working abroad.

     Every break time, I used to go to the open balcony at the backside of the building where the staff usually go to take a smoke break and stuff. I'll sit there smoking a cigarette, drinking a cold drink while listening to music on my phone. Add to that is the Moon that never fails to appear in my view every night during my break. You know that feeling that when you are sad, you feel like just staring at the sky, stars, or the Moon. At that time, I liked it so much. I think suitable for being sad like I was in a heartbreaking music video or something. I know it's weird.

     A couple of months have passed. My loneliness faded away, but my break time routine somehow stayed with me. Night by night, staring at the Moon, I realized that I felt like the Moon was my best friend. I don't know that this is the beginning of my so-called Flat Earth Awakening.

     One night, during my moment of drama on the balcony with my best friend Moon, Bruno Mars's "Talking to the Moon" played on my phone. Suddenly he reminds me of Michael Jackson because Bruno is the nearest thing to MJ in this generation, but maybe it's just my opinion. From that, I feel like playing MJ's song next, and what piece of his will first come to mind? Most people will say, "Billie Jean."

     And so I played it next. While all of this is happening in my thoughts, I'm staring at the Moon, and I picture MJ's live performance of the song when he performed the "Moonwalk," the legendary dance move he popularized in the 80s.

(Check out Michael Jackson's Moonwalk here)

     Then there you go,  the first gate that every person should be able to break to take one step forward towards knowing our true home. "The Moonwalkers" or "The Moon Landings." Are they legitimate events that occurred in reality, or it's just all part of the deceptions? Let's find out. 

(NOTE: All written here is not necessarily factual, readers need to research it personally if it interests them. These are all the author's personal experiences and opinions and nothing else.)



Did we walk on you, my friend?


     Let's continue my story. So that time, I was a total believer in the Moon Landings and Space Science narrative. My old fascination with Space, Planets, Stars, Blackholes, Rocket Science, and even Aliens is awakened. I'm so into reminiscing it that I can't wait to finish the rest of the work and get home to rewatch videos and documentaries about it.

     Finally, the time has come. Fast-forward to my bed after doing some extra stuff we need to do before sleeping. Opened up YouTube and watched documentaries about Moon Landings, videos after videos, one after another. Then I noticed something odd, most of the high-quality and well-produced documentaries and footage of the topic had the comments sections disabled. If not, there are ZERO comments despite having millions and millions of views, especially from the official channel of NASA.

(It's not the videos I watched back then, but here are a couple of quick examples):

     But I didn't care about this stuff that time, so it just passed by my head like winds. Fortunately for me, the lower quality videos of it uploaded by random users have had the comment sections enabled. I want to feel that I am in a group or community, read positive comments like I just wanted to say, and know that not only me that thinks that way about something. To feel like I belong and I'm "normal."

     That night was the first time I honestly watched videos on the topic with an adult mind. I remember watching it as a younger me before. I ignore other people's comments, and I just liked watching them and getting my mind blown away. In this case, my mind was more accessible because I already knew the story. I'm just reminiscing, so little things get my attention, and again, scrolling to these comments, I'll notice something weird for me.

     I see negative comments about the Moon Landings like it was a hoax, faked, or staged. Back in that day, we could always see the number of "dislikes" on the videos, and there were a lot. But of course, the "likes" are still more significant, but I can't believe that there are people like these who exist that deny "Moonwalk." I would ignore them and think of them as internet trolls or people who lived in a cave or just plain stupids.

     Then after hours of Space Science Marathon, I fell asleep. While YouTube is on autoplay, it continues to play videos related to the topic. Not that long, I woke up to a video currently playing in which the host is debunking the people who deny the mainstream story about the Moon, and I felt satisfied because he was destroying those trolls with "Science and Facts." But that satisfaction of mine didn't last long.

     I get irritated that despite the host destroying the deniers clear as day, the "likes and dislikes" bar is about 60:40. On top of that, several people are commenting rebuttals against my momentary hero's points. Sadly, I can do nothing other than trash-talking the "enemies." Because I or "we" should be honest that we don't know everything about Space Science without Googling it, like how fast is the Earth spinning? What's the distance of the Sun? How far is the Moon? etc.

     So I proceeded to name-calling them, and at some point, I realized that I didn't even know why I was so angry about these? Am I defending "Science," or am I just supporting my Ego? I don't want to be on the wrong side? or I can't accept that I've been fooled to believe these things?

     Fortunately, even though I'm not academically bright, I'm smart enough to understand brilliant arguments, have an open mind to think for myself, and am always willing to hear the other side's points, even if it's against my views.

     Sometimes, my open-minded side is open and turned on at midnight, so I tried to understand where these deniers were coming from. And I am so shocked that some of their arguments against the Moon Landings are good and somewhat hard to counter, but only for those in Open-Minded Mode and humans who can put sensitive egos aside for a minute.

(Not the comments I saw back then, but these are newer examples):

     I become more curious about these people, and I'm unaware that this stuff even exists. I remember seeing one comment that said, "Eric Dubay will destroy this guy" or something like that, and that comments had the most "likes" for those deniers. So I look that person up, and he turns out to be "The Guy" at that time who leads the Flat Earth into the modern era. Little did I know that this guy would be the one to be able to let me give up my lifetime beliefs and the way I see our world.

     I watched the first-ever Flat Earth video, and my first introduction to it was Eric Dubay's "200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball". But I'm not that gullible of a person, and I'm still not buying it. Of course, it's tough for me to let go of my longtime beliefs about the "reality" presented to me since birth. It takes a while for me and for everybody to change their minds.

 (Check out Eric Dubay's YouTube Channel here)

(Watch "200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball" here)


     I ended the night watching this video and slept with an expanded mind sensation. So many questions appeared in my head about our Heliocentric Model. Early morning, the moment I woke up, I felt so weird, like I'd been disconnected from society. I lost a little interest in the NEWS, Sports, Movies, and many mainstream trends.

     You know our feelings back when we are kids? Back when the word "problem" never existed to us? We don't care about anything, we are constantly curious about everything, and we never get bored even without these technologies that we can't afford to lose right now. Without these gadgets and material things we've got today, we don't have all of these back when we were kids, and yet we are naturally happy passively, and we are delighted beings in default.

     That was my feeling that morning, and my head was full of curiosity, wanting to know more about the "The Third Model." first time for the longest time, I felt like being a kid again. Everything I saw around me "felt" so different for the lack of words. Suddenly my work hours seem five times faster, maybe because I don't get bored because I'm constantly thinking about the potential missing piece that answers the questions in my head that I can't find answers to.

     Although I'm not into the Flat Earth at that time yet, and I'm still clinging to my Space Balls as hard as Egoego can, I'm open-minded to admit that there's something wrong with the mainstream narrative about where are we. Trust me. I am so against it that I'm biased, trying to debunk the "200 Proofs" in my head. I have to tell you the truth, the more you try, I mean seriously try, like as in researching it deeply to the roots, the more our Space Science crumbled piece by piece.

     And five times faster, break time came that day. I went onto the balcony, smoking, drank a cold drink, listening to "Eric Dubay's 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball" while happily staring at the Moon. In my head, I was like Talking to the Moon, asking if the Moonwalk was real?



The Third Model


     So that was my introduction to the Third Model, the Flat Earth. The Flat Earth model is a Geocentric Model in which our stationary non-spherical Earth is in the center, and everything in the sky revolves around us. I didn't even know that almost every ancient civilization before NASA and us had the same model with some little differences, but it all points out a contained, non-moving level world.

     Now hold on, hold, as I said before, I am not a gullible guy to quickly believe this kind of stuff. But I'm the kind of person that enjoys things that work up my brain. So I went another level on these Conspiracy Theorists and brought the fire to them.

     In my next article, I will continue my story of how I came in hot bringing my Space Knowledge in full Debunking Mode and ended up destroying my arguments myself. My account of how I could let go of my childhood "reality" after two years of denying the obvious. But let's have a goodbye for now and until next time, my friends.

     I will limit myself to 2000 words of Articles because my Laptop and internet connection is not that great. Sometimes, it gets stuck, and the browser closes without saving my work, so it's painful for me and puts the fire out on me writing this stuff. I apologize for my poor English and limited words because I'm not from an English-speaking country, so I hope you guys understand. Thank you for reading the first part of my story.

     For now, let's have a great time wherever we are or in what situations we are on. It's great to be alive, and whatever happens, we are still lucky to have a chance to walk on this Flat and Stationary Earth.

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