My Mother Inlaw: My enemy or ally?

Managing the intricacies of familial relationships can often be difficult, and one of the most intricate bonds is that between a daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law. This  relationship can sometimes transform into a battlefield, leading to stress, depression and misunderstanding within the family. But why does this happen, and how can it be managed?


Mothers often feel a strong sense of attachment and responsibility towards  their children. When a new person, such as a daughter-in-law, enters the picture, there can be a subconscious feeling of territory being invaded. This is especially true if the mother has been the primary caretaker and decision-maker in her child's life. And as a result some mother's might end up being over protective of their son in return destroying their sons marriage.

Competition for Attention 

 Both mother and wife might feel they are competing for the attention and affection of the son/husband. This can create a situation where the mother-in-law feels replaced, and the daughter-in-law feels overshadowed. Some mother's don't understand that when their son his married he will need some time to build and manage his family. In return the mother or husband siblings makes the wife their enemy thinking she wants to take him from them. As a result may try every possible means to frustrate the wife.

 Cultural and societal expectations plays a significant role. Mothers-in-law might have specific ideas about how things should be run in the family, and when these expectations aren't met, it can lead to problem. However, daughters-in-law might feel pressured to meet these unspoken standards, leading to stress and resentmen and at the end leading to broken.  Anticipate How to manage these conflicts in my next article.

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