First thing that prevent students from studying more effective is the fear of using new study method.Most of the students think that if they change their studying method to the new ones their performance will drop .No thats not true beacause there are more chances of  improving their performance using a new study method.Secondly is memorisation without understanding the content.Most student think that is better to cram the contect without understanding it since it does not waste their time, it is a useless method of stutudying since the whole information will be stored in a short memory.This results in students forgetting  all information in exam room.


25 Scientifically Proven Tips For More Effective Studying - One Degree

Thirdly is allowing interruptions.If you are studying it is best to switch off your cell phone to prevent disturbance.Be 100 % focused if you want to understand the content .Make sure that you are studying in a quite invironment .Sleeping patten is the most dangerous thing.Students cannot sleep as they are always glued in ther cell phones.They do not have the specifc time for sleeping ,they can sleep at 4 am or anytime.That is a bad habit.Stop negative attitudes towards studying,stop hating teachers and saying that a certain module is difficult.


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