Steps To Prepare Jollof Rice Without Meat.

The ingredients and steps below will teach you how to prepare Jollof rice without Meat.





Fresh tomatoes

Seasoning cubes

Red bell peppers


Curry powder



Steps to prepare your Jollof rice without Tin a Tomatoes:

Step 1.

Blend your fresh tomatoes into a smooth paste.

Step 2

Blend your onion and thyme together


Step 3

Parboil your rice.


Step 4

Place a pot containing a vegetable oil on a low heat.


Step 5

Add some slices of onion.


Step 6

Add salt and seasoning cubes.


Step 7

Add your tomato paste and stir properly for ten minutes.


Step 8

Add some crushed ginger and garlic.


Step 9

Add an appropriate quantity of water into the pot and allow to boil for five minutes.


Step 10

Add your parboiled rice.


Step 11

Add curry powder.


Step 12

Cover the pot and allow it to boil until the rice is ready!

Your Jollof rice is ready!



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