Unsolved Mystery: Checkout Things You Need To Know About The Voynich manuscript

Generally, we have many mysteries all over the country, some we have had about and some that nobody still knows they are in this world and some that the great scientist are trying to solve.

mystery can be anything difficult, anything coded in a way that it is not eazy to solve, or that cannot be solved.

Unsolved Mysteries :

unsolved mysteries are common everywhere in the country. Today you might here that a bird suddenly disappear from the sky when flying. what can cause this phenomenon, so scientist will start making research on what can cause it, while solving that one, another one can come up anytime.

this world, is very large, to the extent that it contains many people, plant, animals, non living things like pan, tin, gold, diamond, silver, oxygen, hydrogen and many more. All these things we have listed above can contribute to a mystery. 

some earthly mysteries like that of the Bermuda triangle, are not still solved till now, and can never be solved without the intervention of God 

Voynich manuscript

Unsolved mysteries are much in the world, but I will only talk about one, which is the Voynich manuscript.

have we heard about the Voynich manuscript?

The manuscript is just like a textbook, but it is coded to the extent that nobody can unlock the code till now 


with the help of carbon dating, scientist traced it back to the 15th century and analysis stated that it was composed in Italy.


1. It contains many pictures of plant and trees which does not exist, or can be found anywhere on earth 

2. The language used to write this manuscript is not found on this earth, scientist have searched for all languages on this earth but none of them correspond to the language in the manuscript. 

3. There are 24 letters in the manuscript. 

Thank you all, you can all check the video down to see the history of the manuscript. 

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