Why you should spend your vacations in Asia rather than Europe

A nice, relaxing vacation would be the best thing any worker would love, after spending days and hours working tirelessly, you should have a relaxing vacation in one of the best places in the world - Asia. A lot of people spend their vacation In Europe because of wonderful places like France, Germany and Spain. Here's why you should spend your vacations in Asia

1)Cheap prices

Compared to Europe, there are plenty of mid range luxury and high end accommodation at much better prices than what other countries offer.

You can easily find a 4 star Hotel for less than $45 a and cheap food. You don't need to save thousands of dollars just to have a nice vacation.

2)Variety of cuisines

Asian dishes are very popular allover the world, you'd get to enjoy Thai dishes, Chinese and Singapore. You get to enjoy street healthy meals at very cheap prices. You will need to take your time to enjoy varieties of food in Asia

3)Amazing beaches

Asia contains almost 40,000 Islands, with beaches which are famous for white sand, crystal clear water and sizzling night life

You will find a lot of places that suites your taste, with variety of activities and people with different cultures from different parts of Asia.


Asia experiences sunny and warm weather all year long with cool fresh air when relaxing on the beach or hiking the mountains.
So next time, you're planning a vacation make sure Asia is your go to destination.

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